I manufacture bagpipes with uncomparable sound completely to customer’s specifications.

Please contact me, so we can discuss your wishes.

Pipe Doctor:

No matter where your Pipe hurts, I have a quick cure.

I can fix cracks, breaks, splintering of wood and artificial ivory or any other damage. If necessary I will reproduce parts as close as possible to the original in order to change the sound the least amount possible.

Please contact me for an appointment and a rough estimate.

Customer Service and Repairs:

Would you like to completely recondition your instrument?

No Problem. From new hemping, tying in a new bag to oiling the wood parts, I’ll gladly help you out.

Pimp my Pipe:

Whether you don’t like thee look of your Instrument anymore or you’d like to retine it, you have come to thee right place.

This service encompasses a wide range of possibilities.

Among them are:

  • turning new beading and combing
  • attaching new mountings
  • replacing old mountings with new
  • polishing the bores
  • doing up the surface
  • and much more

Please contact me, so we can discuss your wishes and how to best realize them.

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